180 Degrees

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“Sesungguhnya, yang paling dekat dengan kita itu bukanlah urat nadi kita, melainkan kematian”.

I think the sentence above will be the best reminder for us as the human. Undoubtedly, there is a time when we’ll face the death before we eventually come back to our creature, Allah SWT. Our time will come. Realizing this fact, it is better for us to prepare our next ‘life’, the eternal life. I then remember my brother who always persistently work to ‘persuade’ people to return to straightway, the Islam way. At least in his life, he helped many people get ‘Allah guidance’.  Yet his endeavor has stopped as Allah’s has different plan for him. It is hard to believe that my lovely brother has to leave me first :”)

It was about one month ago when I suddenly went back to my hometown.  August 24th to be exact, the day when I won’t forget as long as I live on this earth. My perspective and view to this world were totally changed, 180 degrees, about what is my main concern in this life will be. At that time, I just finished scoring class as usual in the morning. I confirmed my doubt why I felt strange since woke up in the morning, why I can’t stop thinking about him. Until I heard the news from my mom that my brother had transit to meet Allah. :')

What I most regret is when I even can't see him for the last time. I remembered in Idul Fitri moment last month, we ate burasa and chicken opor and took pictures together with our big family. It is my fault, my bad which I can't be there in your last minute in this world. Forgive me my bro :(( 

Then, here I am, still in Pare, still ‘busy’ chasing my ‘dunya’ goals and dreams. I just hoping sometimes I will be able to continue your endeavor but in the different ways. I will do 'dakwah' in my way, throughout the economy, social business which can elevate Moslem position in the competition era. Hopefully, it can make you happy with my Intention. I can't write too much for you brother, I just can mention your name in every pray I do. May Allah grant you Jannah, forgive your sins, doubled your reward and make your grave spacious. Aamen. Goodbye my bro,  I always pray that we can gather together with our family there :')

My reminder, forever.

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